This is the story of how TPM.dev came to be: My name is Dimitar Tomov, my company does R&D of new products. From IoT gadgets for cars to Metering solutions for the Industry. I got tired of developing security for large enterprises behind closed doors. And I am not the only one. So, I decided to engage in the open by creating this developer community. Our goal is to lower the knowledge barrier for other developers and advance computer security together. We can improve systems security only after wider adoption of the existing security technologies. This is why TPM.dev exists.


By making things easier. Cybersecurity can be complex, but should not be complicated for developers to learn and use. We are coming together to develop documentation, tutorials and reference applications for home and commercial use.


Your core security should be something you can check, this is why we believe in open-source software and DesignFirst is supporting TPM.dev as independent place for developers to talk about security and openly share solutions. Links to external sources welcomed. It is time to change the landscape and this starts by talking openly about the status quo.

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Hardware-based security gives you additional layer of protection for your software security.

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