Build Trusted Systems

System Integrity

The quality of having consistency, performing in the same way over time and providing hardware-generated evidence as proof

Hardware Security Modules

The process of showing evidence that something is true. Doing so using a Trusted Platform Module(TPM) provides guarantee the evidence can not be tampered with on a physical level.

Trusted Systems

Computer solutions that can prove System Integrity on regular basis through process of remote attestation.

Next steps

Check your TPM

Choose one of the available TPM Stacks and try to get the status of the TPM on your computer, it already has one. This is the quickest way to get a feel for the state of the technology. In the meantime, we are preparing tutorials and articles.

Ask a question

Join our community and ask your question, technical or not, all questions are answered.


Use cases

We have prepared some 2020 examples
and there are already big adopters like Microsoft, who use TPM to protect their User's hard drives.